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Ilene K.
Relationship: Client

Project Date: Current, 2017

Project Price: N/A

Alma Yoss of The A.L.Y. Group was an integral part of my kitchen and first floor renovation. Alma is incredible – her expertise and experience helped create my new space. She was involved with the plans at the start of the project, giving feedback on the layout of the space and what worked best, while incorporating what would be the most comfortable for usage of the room based on the lifestyle and needs of my family. As the work progressed, Alma helped with all the design aspects including color, lighting and furniture, giving attention and detail and creating a beautiful space. She really explained why things would work in the space or why they wouldn’t and gave many options of what would look best. She is so knowledgeable and talented and I can’t say enough positive things about what an amazing designer Alma is and her contribution to home.

September 11, 2015

Relationship: I met her socially and had a business relationship with her husband.

Project Date: December 1998

Project Price: more than $100,000

Alma remodeled my apartment in Manhattan. The address 45 E 72 St. She did a superb job of taking a tired "old" apt and making into a fresh, modern beautiful two-bedroom apartment.

She handled the construction crew, took charge of every trade and was a hands on person until the job was complete. She reviewed all details and demanded a good job from start to finish.

Her taste is excellent, she goes with the client to find the right décor whether its bathroom, kitchen or any other part of the home. We had an excellent rapport and I cannot recommend her too highly!!! It's a pleasure working with someone who has knowledge as well as talent.

August 24, 2015

Relationship: Client

Project Date: September 2000

Project Price: $50,000 - $100,000

Alma Yoss (principal and senior designer at The A.L.Y. Group) easily worked with my ideas and created wonderful new ideas when she helped me design my house renovation. Her vision and knowledge were tremendously helpful in dealing with colors, patterns, lighting (she’s a lighting specialist) and wall enhancements for the open family room and kitchen. Her knowledge of construction and the preparation of construction documents not only communicated the specifications but saved me a great deal of money. She used various subcontractors (for tile and appliances, flooring, fabric, carpentry and more) and each one proved themselves to be tops in their field. She helped me make a structural change in moving and exposing a staircase down to the basement. She kept close supervision of all the work and still kept me in the loop as it was evolving. A few years later, she helped me stage the house for sale (very successfully) and then helped me with ideas planning the purchase of a cooperative apartment a few towns away. My entire family was thrilled with her expertise. I would recommend her very highly for all jobs – large and small.

August 14, 2015

Relationship: Client

Project Date: October 2010

Project Price: More than $100,000

The A.L.Y. Group is the consummate professional interior design firm. Ms. Yoss has the benefit of both corporate and residential design experience, thorough knowledge of her industry, finger on the pulse of where to source every aspect of the project and creates a total sense of confidence and security so that I knew she would achieve a superb end result; one which I was extremely happy about! We undertook a renovation which included demolition and a total re-build inside a condominium building. Our space was transformed and thanks to her vision we are now blessed with a beautiful, functional condo unit. Believe me when I say that no detail was left unattended. Truly remarkable! So pleased with our 'new' home!

August 11, 2015

Relationship: Client

Project Date: August 2006

Project Price: $10,000 - $49,999

My husband and I were delighted with the services provided by The A.L.Y. Group. Initially, we hired The Group to help us choose flooring for our main living area, kitchen and bathroom.

Subsequently, we took on other projects including the design of a dining-room table, transformation of outdated dining room chairs, the purchase of a new sofa, area rugs (new and old), accents and accessories. Emphasis was placed on lighting which we learned was very important to our home. I was shown how to use many of the lovely antiques I had stowed away. These pieces introduced a more interesting, warmer ambiance to our entire home and made our home more reflective of our personalities.

Alma Yoss, president and senior designer on our project was very easy to work with from a personal viewpoint. She is creative, easygoing, friendly, humorous, yet professional and 100% reliable.